28 Nisan 2010 Çarşamba

Some Exterior Renders (Eyecandy)

This is me wasting time :))
As any 3D artist would know, client's designs may not always be fun to work with.
So I sit down and do my stuff sometimes. Test how far I can push the lighting and details in Lightwave.

Divan Park Hotel, Erbil

Recently completed this project for Elegan Group.
Client requested Full exterior of the hotel to be modeled, rendered and animated as well as
4 different  rooms, executive suites and lofts, front lobby, back lobby, piano bar, restaurants, indoor pool, spa/sauna/gym, business center, offices  and more.

Delivered to client's satisfaction with minimum fuss, maximum speed.
This hotel project was sold to Divan Group for $90 million.
I must have done a hell of a job I guess :)

Poetry Astana, Kazakhstan

Poetry was a project I completed before Divan Park Hotel.
Poetry was a similar project to Divan Park. They had five star hotel to cinemas, business center to casinos, you name it they had it :)

Again delivered to customer's satisfaction. On time and on budget.

Demirci Hotel Antalya, Turkey

This project was not animated. It was designed to be printed on 45m canvas and renders were taken to accommodate the needs of the client.

They wanted 4 renders of the hotel so they could cover around the construction site.

All done with no fuss at all.

LG Stores

LG's new store designs. These images were created from scratch to render in 13 hours.
As always LG needed these images for their franchise meeting "yesterday"  :))

Coming Soon

I'm trying to compile the renders of my older work.
Bodrum, Gokcebel
Bodrum, Gudogan
Istanbul Harbor, Yali
Demo, Residence
Demo, Prestige
and more to be added soon. :)